Social Media Marketing Seminar

Exactly a week ago, we had the opportunity to speak about Social Media Marketing at a conference organized by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System "European Week of Professional Skills".

During the presentation, participants learned how to effectively build an online presence. We’ve talked, among other things, about the effective ways for creation and editing of materials, as well as selection of social media platforms for one’s needs.

The participants of the presentation were the beneficiaries of programs by the Foundation for the Development of the Education System, such as the Erasmus + program, including schools, and their students.

The goal of our presentation was to inspire action and to show that by using tools available for everyone - a telephone or camera, together with quality pictures, interesting trips and/or people, they can build their image as future employees or schools that educate specialists well.

As part of the first part of the training, we answered the question why it is important to share and how it can help in building the image and raising the prestige of the organization.

Then we explained how to determine the target group we want to reach, and what are the characteristics of users of portals such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Linkedin. Based on that participants can choose the right medium for their needs and prepare content that will meet the needs of users active in a given social network.

Both in the part regarding the creation of materials and the one regarding their publication, we focused on familiarizing participants with a few simple tools that will allow to professionalize their activities on the Internet so that the achieved effect is of a high quality.

The tools we described during the presentation were:

1. Canva - a website that allows you to create various types of graphics adapted to each of the social media platform

2. Promo - an online platform that allows you to edit video content

3. Buffer - a tool to manage all social media profiles from one place and schedule posts in advance.

In addition, we decided to show the participants how they can easily promote published posts to increase their reach. In order to do that, we presented how to easily create an ad on Facebook and Instagram using previously prepared materials.

Creating the structure and content of the presentation we wanted to provide the participants with an easily repeatable strategy which they could use to more effectively build their online presence. I think we’ve managed to do just that. Now, it remains to hope that the participants appreciated the knowledge we provided as well as we appreciated the experience.

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