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Google’s intitiative for Non-Profit Organization is a project that allows your Organization to receive USD 10,000 per month for advertising. The  10,000 USD monthly budget on Google search will help you effectively spread your initiative and achieve your goals.

The role of Webup! is to carry out the application on your behalf, and most importantly, the effective use of the allocated budget. The average non-profit organization is using approximately 20% of the funds - our partners -  over 95%, thus generating over 4,000,000 ad campaign views  annually.  

Our advertising campaigns are being targeted to people who are looking for similar organizations in Google, which allows reaching new recipients, including volunteers and donors.  

Encourage donors to open their wallets!

Application Process for the Google Ad Grant Program


Creating a Dedicated Advertising Campaign  


Detailed Audit of the State Party


Custom reporting of our actions



By participating in the Google Ad Grant program, we make it easier for people to support your goal - and the easier it is to donate, the more likely it will be.

New Recipients

We will help you reach people who did not know your organization before. You will decide if the targeted audience will consist of people in your area or around the world.

Spreading the Initiative  

Increase awareness of the problem by sharing your knowledge. Meet people who want to help you and achieve your goals. Take care of your presence on the Internet and use it for your adventage

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