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We use our experience in research and project consulting to help clients make strategic investment decisions and improve new products.


We use our experience in research and design consultancy to help clients make strategic decisions regarding investments and improvements of new products, as well as to increase their recognition. We use a user-centered approach to achieve the following results


  • Deciding which functionalities to create,

  • Prioritizing functionalities,

  • Planning project activities,

  • Designing testable concepts and prototypes,

  • Building products and solutions that meet the requirements of the end-users,

  • UX improvements 


Employees have become intolerant of business applications that do not work well with other systems or provide access to important data and information when needed. Digital transformation is driven and possible thanks to cloud computing platforms, mobile workers, social networks, Big Data, intelligent devices and intelligent agents. These forces put pressure on IT programmers and business applications to adapt, innovate or face change. The old strategy of focusing on technology as the first and on the user experience as the last does not work anymore. We have helped companies to redesign, integrate or re-think their digital systems, tools and processes.

It starts with understanding the user's frustration, inefficiency and desire for improvement. Armed with these insights and other input data, we can work together to develop a strategy and action plan for digital transformation.

Digital Strategy

For every product, service or organization your company has to take into account many digital points of contact that can affect the impressions of current and potential customers. We develop a comprehensive digital strategy based on an in-depth understanding of end-user needs in conjunction with the vision and business objectives. By using user research, competitive analysis, customer experience maps and other strategic activities, we work closely with you and your team to provide a strategy that is comprehensive and able to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world.

Product Strategy

Whether you're creating another great digital product from scratch or applying a new innovative perspective to an existing idea, we can help you succeed with our user-oriented approach. Webup! works with you and your team to develop a complete plan for your product to ensure seamless implementation and decisions based on customer insights. After understanding the competitive landscape, we get to know the vision and goals of your organization. We work closely together by connecting our teams, including research, design thinking and strategic planning, to create a product supported by research at every step.

Digital Transformation

Enterprises are changing the way they work to become more flexible, more customer-centric and able to grasp the benefits of emerging business opportunities. At the same time, applications with high usability and immediate information about our personal deviceshave raised expectations about the functioning of business applications.

UX Strategy

Strategia UX jest wykorzystywana zarówno w określaniu zakresu oraz wykorzystania projektu, jak i projektowaniu koncepcji i prototypów rozwiązań skupionych na użytkowniku.

Field Research

Carrying out the so-called Field Research , we check how users use the right technology (or without it, when designing a new solution) in the natural environment, home, office, restaurants, airport, shopping malls, schools, medical clinics, means of transport. 

Do you want to check how candidates apply for studies? Talk to busy students using applications, software, notebooks, your own memory to embrace the ubiquitous chaos, and listen to their answers and watch their habits. 
Do you want to check how users use your program? Follow a group of people in their natural environment for a few hours. What you learn will surprise you, you will certainly gain a greater understanding of your target group, their tools, needs, and frustrations. 

We are involved in field research, carefully listening to questions and research goals. Then we work on improving the methodology. Because field research often takes place in the conceptual or formative phase of product design, the common results are visualizations of popular behaviors, motifs or patterns that we observe.

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